September 16, 2019

As we approach our last two weeks of the outdoor season NUFC's sessions will start at 6pm during the week.  All our sessions will be at the PGSS fields next to Masich Place Stadium.  NUFC's outdoor schedule is as follows:

Monday evening              6-7:30pm (U9-12 & U13-18)

Wednesday evenings      6-7:30pm (U9-12 & U13-18)

Thursday evenings          6-7pm  (U5-8)

Saturday                           9-10am  (U5-8)

Saturday                           10-11am  (U9-12 Games)

Saturdays                         11-12pm  (U13-18 Games)


July 29, 2019

2019 Fall Indoor Registration is now live

Northern United FC is excited to release registration for our Fall Indoor programs which will be held up at the NSC.  Programs will run 9 weeks and start October 15, 2019 and end December 14, 2019.   As we are moving indoor, space is limited therefore registration will be limited as well so hurry up and register!

The Fall indoor schedule is as follows:

U9-12/U13-18 Boys/Girls     Tuesdays/Thursdays          6-7:30pm         Field 1

U5-8 Boys/Girls                     Wednesday                          6-7pm              Field 1

U5-8 Boys/Girls                     Saturday                               10-11am          Field 2


U5-8 Boys/Girls       $145

U9-12 Boys/Girls     $160

U13-18 Boys/Girls   $160




We hope everyone has a fantastic long weekend with family and friends!  Safe travels for those who are travelling.  We resume training on July 3rd for the Junior and Development programs and July 4th for the Grassroots program.  Our last session before the summer break is July 13th.


May 22, 2019

Saturday Games

U5-8 - Games 9-10am

U9-12 - Games 10-11am

Team 1- Blake Wetmore, Mateo Maritsas, David Okebie, Isaiah Bull, Callum Whitehouse, Atlin Brazeau, Lars Oehler, Connor Dewolf, Mya Oike, Aydin McKibbin, Lia Pereira, Jaya Paulson, Payton Chencharik

Team 2 - Kesler Lupul, Sarvin Saini, Tate Shea, Casey Reierson, Elijah Doudiet, Ethan Rayfield, Joey Lewis, Vaneet Pharwaha, Danelle Wagner, Navjot Toor, Madilyn Melanson, Zoe Stewart

U13-18 - Games 11-12pm

Team 1 - Joana Gaspar, Bhavanjot Pharwaha, Meera Ranu, Aidan Pighin-Gillis, Bryce Shaefer, Alexia Reierson, Georgia Hughes

Team 2 - Sarah Johnson, Cara Houchen, Amneet toor, Kael Pighin-Gillis, Olu Okebie, Violet Derksen,  Andrew Harmon


May 5, 2019

We hope everyone is looking forward to the start of our 2019 outdoor season next week!    All our sessions will be at the PGSS fields next to Masich Place Stadium.  NUFC's outdoor schedule is as follows starting next Wednesday May 8th:

Monday evening              6:30-8pm (U9-12 & U13-18)

Wednesday evenings      6:30-8pm (U9-12 & U13-18)

Thursday evenings          6-7pm  (U5-8)

Saturday                           9-10am  (U5-8)

Saturday                           10-11am  (U9-12 Games)

Saturdays                         11-12pm  (U13-18 Games)


April 7, 2019

2019 Outdoor Spring/Summer Programs

Northern United FC's Outdoor Grassroots (U5-8), Junior Development (U9-12) and Development (U13-18) Programs will remain open for registration!   Whether new to the sport or experienced and competitive, Northern United FC has a home for you.


See Full Poster

Jan 13, 2019

Northern United FC's Winter programs start next week up at the NSC.  You can still register for our programs!

U9-12 & U13-18 programs starts Tuesday January 15th from 5:30-7pm- Field 2

U5-8 program starts Saturday January 19th from 9-10am- Field 2

Northern United FC is happy to announce that we have acquired a partnership with Original Joe's.  Welcome to the club!!


Nov 25, 2018

NUFC wants to thank everyone for their support and hope everyone is enjoying our indoor programs.  As we are heading into our last few weeks of our 2018 Fall indoor programs we want to take this opportunity to introduce NUFC's 2019 Winter indoor programming!

2019 Winter Indoor Programs


Northern United FC is extremely excited to announce our new 2019 Winter Indoor Programs which will be held at the Northern Sports Centre.  Programs will begin January 15, 2019 and will end March 16, 2019.


Oct 15, 2018

2018 Fall Indoor Programs  


Registration for our 2018 Fall indoor programs are now closed!

Northern United FC is extremely excited to introduce our new 2018 Fall Indoor Programs which will be held at the Northern Sports Centre.  Programs are 8 weeks and begin October 16, 2018 and will end December 8, 2018.  


Aug 16, 2018

2018 Summer Goaltending Camp

We hope everyone is enjoying their summer and looking forward to getting back to training:)  Our Summer Goaltending Camp was a big success and we want to thank everyone involved especially all the goaltenders who registered.  We would also like to give a big thank you to PGSA for letting us use their fields.



NUFC's ball boy's and girl's for the Men's UNBC Timberwolves home game.

NUFC's 2018 Fall indoor program has officially started. Oh... this is going to be so much fun!

A beautiful day for training at Masich Place Stadium.


Warming up at PGSS Field #3


Technique first, speed second!  Fantastic job girls:)

Last day of Grassroots training before summer holidays.  This time the players are coaching their parents...AWESOME!!



A Youth Soccer League for Everyone

Ignite your passion with one of our Northern United FC's youth soccer programs today. 


Northern United FC is a Not-for-Profit associate member of BC Soccer in Prince George  working with youth between the ages of 5-18 to develop and foster physical and social literacy through the sport of soccer, by providing an all inclusive, fun, safe, positive and challenging environment to stimulate learning and promoting a love of the game.


2019 Outdoor Programs

Northern United FC Grassroots (Active Start/ FUNdamentals) Program, are the first two stages of the…

Goal Keeper Development

The goal is to develop goalkeepers to maximize their goalkeeping performance by developing their…

Game Officials

The goal with referees is to teach them the laws of the game and provide support and guidance in…

2018 Summer Goaltending Camp

Northern United FC will be hosting a Goaltending camp lead by Gaetano Mauro, Senior Goaltending…

2019 Fall Indoor Programs

Sign up for Northern United Football Club's Fall Indoor Programs!


2019 Outdoor Programs

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European Football School (EFS)

European Football School (EFS) Camp will be running March 29-31, 2019. Pre-registration is…

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2019 Fall Indoor Programs

NUFC's 2019 Fall Indoor Programs

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Cariboo League

Stay tuned for more information on this great league.

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