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Meet Our Coaching Team

At Northern United, our volunteer coaching team is dedicated to nurturing young talent and fostering a love for soccer. Our passionate and experienced coaches are committed to providing a supportive and enriching environment for every player.


Alan Ramsay - U9-18 Head Coach

Background: Alan Ramsay's journey in soccer began in the heart of Scotland, home to the renowned Tartan Army, where his love for the sport was ignited. From the age of four, he eagerly took to the field, showcasing his talent and passion for the beautiful game. At the age of 10, Alan's family relocated to Prince George, where his soccer journey continued to flourish.

Playing Experience: During his youth in Prince George, Alan immersed himself in the local soccer scene, honing his skills and developing a deep understanding of the game. As he progressed through the ranks, he transitioned from player to coach and eventually manager in the Men’s Senior Soccer League, leaving a lasting impact on the local soccer community.

Coaching Experience: With over 30 years of youth soccer coaching experience under his belt, Alan has become a respected figure in the soccer community of Prince George. He has served on the Technical Committee at all levels, working tirelessly to elevate the standard of soccer in the region for both boys and girls. Alan's coaching philosophy is rooted in his passion for nurturing young talent and creating a positive learning environment. He emphasizes the importance of FUN, skill improvement, fitness, teamwork, and respect for teammates, opponents, coaches, and officials in every aspect of his coaching approach.

Legacy and Vision: Alan Ramsay's legacy extends far beyond the soccer field. His dedication to coaching kids of all ages and abilities has left an indelible mark on countless young athletes, instilling in them not only a love for the game but also valuable life lessons about discipline, sportsmanship, and teamwork. With his unwavering commitment to excellence and his genuine passion for the sport, Alan continues to shape the future of soccer in Prince George, inspiring the next generation of players to reach new heights both on and off the field.


Andrew Seabrook - U9-12 Boys Head Coach

Reasons for Coaching: Andrew Seabrook's passion for soccer runs deep, stemming from his own cherished experiences as a player. His time on soccer teams and the unforgettable moments traveling with them are among the highlights of his life. Now, as a coach, Andrew is driven by a desire to provide the youth soccer players of Prince George with the same opportunities for growth, camaraderie, and adventure that he once enjoyed. Furthermore, he is motivated by a commitment to share the wealth of knowledge he has gained from his personal playing experiences and the mentorship of exceptional coaches throughout his journey.

Playing Experience: Andrew's soccer journey began at the tender age of six and quickly flourished as he rose through the ranks. As a member of the Prince George all-star (travel team) from U10 to U18, he honed his skills and showcased his talent on a competitive stage. His prowess on the field earned him spots on the BC Provincial Team at U15 and U16 levels, where he represented his province with pride. Notably, Andrew's skills garnered international attention, leading to invitations to train and tryout for professional and semi-professional clubs in Croatia, including NK Rudes, NK Lucko, NK Croatia Sesvete, NK Hask, and Olimpija Osijek.

Upon returning to Canada, Andrew continued to excel in the sport, becoming a valued member of the UNBC Timberwolves Team in 2007, 2008, and 2012. Additionally, he contributed his talents to the PG Fury Team in 2009 and 2010, and has remained active in the Prince George Men's soccer league from the age of 16 to the present day.

Coaching Experience: Andrew's transition from player to coach was a natural evolution of his love for the sport. Since September 2022, he has served as the coach of the NUFC 2013/2014 travel team, guiding and inspiring young players to reach their full potential. Over the past four years, Andrew has also volunteered his time to coach various age groups, ranging from U4 to U12, in regular NUFC programming. His dedication to coaching extends beyond the field, as he has assumed various other coaching roles, including organizing and leading summer camps.

Coaching Courses/Certifications: Understanding the importance of continuous learning and development, Andrew has pursued a range of coaching courses and certifications to enhance his skills. He has completed courses such as Making Headway in Soccer, Making Ethical Decisions, NCCP Emergency Action Plan, and Coaching Soccer in Canada, offered by Canada Soccer. Currently, Andrew is in the process of obtaining certifications in Respect in Sport for Activity Leaders and FUNdamentals, with plans to pursue Learn to Train as his coaching responsibilities evolve. Looking ahead, he aspires to complete advanced certifications like Soccer for Life and any other valuable courses or workshops that will further his growth as a youth soccer coach, with the ultimate goal of attaining the Canada C-License.


Clyde Miller - U9-18 Head Coach

Clyde Miller, hailing from St. Lawrence, Newfoundland, has had a lifelong passion for soccer that began in his youth. Starting at the age of ten, Clyde immersed himself in the sport, playing youth soccer until the age of 16. His dedication and talent on the field led to numerous provincial titles during his tenure.

At just 16 years old, Clyde was chosen to represent Newfoundland as a U-16 participant in the national soccer skills competition, showcasing his exceptional abilities on a broader stage. As he progressed in his soccer journey, Clyde proudly represented Newfoundland in the men's Division One national soccer competition, further solidifying his reputation as a skilled player.

Transitioning from player to mentor, Clyde assumed the role of St. Lawrence youth soccer Technical Director, where he dedicated himself to nurturing the next generation of soccer enthusiasts. One of Clyde's fondest memories is winning his first provincial championship at the tender age of ten. The jubilant celebrations that ensued, including motorcades and fire truck rides through his hometown, left an indelible mark on him, reinforcing his love for the sport and the sense of community it fosters.

As a soccer coach, Clyde finds fulfillment in the camaraderie within the organization, united by a common goal of fostering talent and sportsmanship. He derives immense joy from witnessing the smiles on kids' faces as they progress and learn various soccer skills. Clyde is committed to instilling proper soccer techniques while prioritizing a fun and safe environment for children to flourish and grow both on and off the field. With his dedication and passion for the game, Clyde Miller continues to be a valued contributor to the success and development of soccer in his community.


Jasmine Welke - Technical Team Coach/Board Member

Jasmine is the driving force behind our team, leveraging her extensive coaching and playing background in youth soccer. Her expertise focuses on skill development, teamwork, and instilling vital sportsmanship values, crafting engaging training sessions and strategic game plans that elevate our players both on and off the field.

Proudly born and raised in Prince George, Jasmine's coaching journey began in 2021, complementing her lifelong soccer roots. From starting at the age of 4 to leading our rep soccer team as captain from ages 12 to 16, she embodies dedication and leadership.

Beyond coaching, Jasmine's commitment extends to the club's board team. Her involvement in organizing registrations, providing support for travel teams, and managing our social media platforms showcases her dedication to the holistic development of our soccer community.

Active in BCISL and the Prince George Soccer Association's women's league, Jasmine's unwavering passion for the sport and community shines through. Her influence resonates in shaping the next generation of soccer enthusiasts, epitomizing her profound connection to the game and our local soccer family.


Jessica Vankaauwen - Technical Team Coach

Meet Jessica, the vibrant soul and driving force behind our U4-8 boys and girls grassroots soccer program. With a deep passion for nurturing young talent, Jessica plays a pivotal role in shaping the soccer journey of our budding athletes.

As a dedicated coach and a parent herself, Jessica brings a unique blend of expertise and compassion to our grassroots program. Her commitment goes beyond the sidelines, as she's not just a coach but a parent with three of her own children actively participating in our program. This personal investment fuels her unwavering dedication to ensuring every child's experience is filled with joy, learning, and growth.

With an infectious enthusiasm, Jessica creates a supportive and inclusive environment where children thrive. Her coaching philosophy emphasizes skill development, teamwork, and, most importantly, a love for the beautiful game. She instills values of sportsmanship and camaraderie, setting the foundation for a lifelong passion for soccer.

Jessica is the heart and soul of our U4-8 program, driving its success and fostering a sense of community among our young players and their families every season. Her unwavering commitment and genuine care make her an integral part of our club, ensuring that every child's soccer journey is filled with positivity and encouragement.


Gaetano Mauro - Head Refereee/Technical Team/Board Member

Introducing Gaetano Mauro, a pivotal member of our soccer club's board and a linchpin in our youth soccer program. Renowned for his extensive experience in Prince George soccer, he not only leads and organizes our referees but also actively supports our technical team in the youth soccer program.

As a respected local legend, Gaetano brings a wealth of knowledge and leadership to our club. His background as a high-level player lends invaluable insights to his refereeing expertise, ensuring fairness and quality officiating on the field.

In addition to his role with the referees, he plays a crucial part in bolstering our technical team for youth soccer. His dedication extends to nurturing young talent and guiding our technical staff, contributing significantly to the development and success of our aspiring soccer stars.

Beyond his administrative and mentoring roles, Gaetano remains committed to raising the standards of refereeing in our community. His active involvement in certifying referees and unwavering passion for the sport continue to leave an enduring mark on our club's ethos and the soccer landscape in Prince George.

More Notable Coaches (pending biographies):

  • - Colin Schulz, Head Coach U9-12
  • - Mark Currie, Head Coach U9-12
  • - Victor Santos, Coach
  • - Amanda Langena, Coach
  • - Tarlok Singh, Coach

At Northern United FC - Youth Soccer our coaching staff is dedicated to nurturing young athletes, instilling a passion for soccer, and guiding them towards success, both on and off the field. Together, we aim to cultivate a love for the game and empower our players to reach their full potential.

Are you interested in joining our coaching group, board, or admin team? Please reach out to us at nufcyouthsoccer@gmail.com.


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